Testimonials from Our Parents

Here are a few testimonials from our parents -

"Actions speak louder than words." I am a believer in this saying.

When I met with the Director of All Saints in 2014, she had so many wonderful things to say about their childcare center, early childhood programs, and their staff.

Our son Hank is our one and only. The first two years of Hank's life were spent with a fantastic home daycare provider. After some thought, my husband and I ultimately made the decision to move our son to All Saints Academy in Madison Lake in January 2015. We could never prepare ourselves for what came next. Within no time, our toddler turned into a little boy. The care our son received from All Saints childcare staff was and is....outstanding. Just when I thought things couldn't get better, he joined Ms. Kate's Early Childhood class and grew even more! And now in Ms. Blaschko's class, he is full of knowledge and [beyond] ready for Kindergarten.

Our son is full of character with a big, sensitive heart. We laugh and learn with him on a daily basis. We are so thankful the staff at All Saints welcomes him with open arms and takes his education seriously.

A big thank you to ALL staff at All Saints Academy in Madison Lake. I hope you know each and every one of you made a [positive] impact on building a strong foundation in Hank's educational journey.

All the best,

Chad and Janelle Seitzer


My daughter goes here and has for 3 years now. She LOVES it! She talks about all her teachers and all her friends like they were family. I highly recommend sending your child/children here!

- Molly Sward

My three boys went to All Saints and I have worked in the building for my school district and absolutely love it! The staff, students and families are the best! They use Creative Curriculum in their classrooms and always do whatever they can to meet the needs of each child.

Chris Seeman

All three of my kids have attended here and I have nothing but great things to say!

Trevor Waagner


All Saints Academy has been such a blessing to my family. The caregivers and teachers are so kind, gentle, loving and patient with each and every child. Every time I pick my daughter up she's excited to tell me about her day, what she learned, the games they played, the kids she had fun with.
It's been wonderful being a part of the All Saints Academy Family.

MA Johnston

All Saints staff, preschool and daycare program are all amazing!!! Its like leaving them with family and you know they are busy and well taken care of!!

Nikki Smith