I.C. Cemetery Information

To purchase a plot in the Immaculate Conception Cemetery please contact:

Dennis Steel 507-278-4384 or Stanley Hodapp 507-351-3295

The current prices for a single grave plot:

                         $500.00  for non-members

                         $450.00 for Immaculate Conception members

                         An additional fee of $100.00 for a second burial within the lot.

Opening fees:   $600.00 grave opening

                         $300.00 cremation opening

                         $50.00 Staking with check made out to the IC Cemetery Association

                         Additional fees may apply for weekend or winter burial.

Additional cemetery rules:

          All flowers not connected to the cement base of the stone will be removed two weeks after memorial day.

         No planting of trees and shrubs is allowed.

         All adornments must be connected to the stone marker or the base of the stone.