Frequently Asked Questions

Q         Do we need to be Catholic in order for our child to attend All Saints?

A   No. All Saints is open to children of all races, creeds, national origins & religions. However, our curriculum includes Christian teachings through songs and stories in our Child Care Center and Early Childhood classes.  

Q         Do you have technology in your Academy?

A   Yes, technology is integrated with classroom learning through iPads, SMART Boards, and a computer lab.

Q         What are the hours?

A   The Academy hours vary depending upon the program.

  • Child Care Center is open from 6:30am to 6:00pm.
  • Early Childhood sessions are from 7:30 to 10:30 and 12:00 to 3:00. 

Q         Is financial aid available for students?

A   Families with students attending EC3 or EC4 may recieve financial support by applying for scholarships.  Scholarship forms are available by contacting the office.   

Q         How much is tuition?

A   Tuition at All Saints Academy ranges varying on the program a child participates in.  Current rates are available by calling the office or visiting our website.

Q         Is there a hot lunch program available?

A   A nutritional lunch is served in Scheid Hall (church basement) to the Child Care Center participants.

  • Our child care center provides lunch daily to all children as part of the fee.
  • If your child has allergies requiring a modified diet, the office must be notified in writing.

Q         Is there a dress code?

A   There isn’t a special dress code for students. Children should be dressed in clean, modest clothes with respect to the season and activities for the day.

Q         What about closings?

A   Adverse Weather- Child Care:  The Child Care Center follows District 77's lead when making weather related late starts/closures.  If District 77 announces a full day closure in the morning, the Child Care Center will open one hour late (7:45am).  If the district announces early dismissal, the Child Care Center will close one hour early (5:00pm).  If Highway 60 is closed at 6:00 am, we will not open; however, weather and road conditions will be reevaluated at 9:00 am and we will then make a final announcement for the day at that time.  Parents will be informed through our Remind101 Text MEssage Service (be sure you are signed up) and oru Facebook page.  

A   Adverse Weather- Early Childhood: We will follow District 77 weather related late start and closing announcements.  This means that Early Childhood is NOT in session. When weather related late start is in effect for District 77, the morning Early Childhood program is cancelled. During early dismissal days for District 77, there will be no afternoon Early Childhood session. When District #77 dismisses early, they give a dismissal time for us, generally 40 minutes prior to their dismissal time. The announcement will be sent using our Remind101 service, Facebook page, and announced on KTOE. The Mankato School Hotline number for up to date announcements is: 386-4777.