About Us

Loving and caring for other people's children takes a loving and caring person.  We believe, with all of our heart, that we have the best!  We thank our staff for continuing to make All Saints Academy a place where families want to be! Childcarelno1m3sj4rhlr9s24eo0yopi3ml.jpgt27wkduu1nd478mw0kkusj2dlkl.jpg












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Our Logo

All Saints Academy strives to give children in our care the very best.  Our dedicated staff works hard to nurture, teach and help children grow in goodness.  We feel our new logo expresses who we are.  


  • The shape of a boat emphasizes that we are all in this together.  We are also reminded of our beautiful lakeside setting. 
  • The cross, which would be the mast of the sail shows that we are Christian-centered.  We value each child, made in the image and likeness of God.  We put our trust in the Holy Spirit who gently guides us.  We share Jesus’ message about how to love and care for each other. 
  • The arching yellow line at the top reminds us of God’s great love for us and even a bright rainbow for hope
  • The word Academy shows everyone that is learning even as infants.  We will work together to help educate children and also to help children want to learn more and more – to become life-long learners!  Choosing the word Academy also stresses our belief that excellence is our goal.  We offer top of the line, excellent programs.
  • The earthy colors of blue and green represent the wonders of creation with its magnificent waters and green areas.  There is so much to discover!
  • Our tagline – our children. our world. our future – sums up our belief and dedication to the children we care for.  To us, it is a huge responsibility and privilege


All Saints Academy is an equal opportunity provider