I. C. Parish Trustees, Parish Finance and Pastoral Council

We are grateful to the following members of our parish who serve in leadership roles.

Parish Trustees - Troy Braun and Kim Bruender

The Parish Trustees are appointed by the pastor with approval of the bishop and serve as special advisors in all matters regarding the parish.

Parish Finance Council - David Becker, Dan Ireland, Robert Kruse, Tonya Rule, Kelly Zabel

The Parish Finance Council is an advisory group which aids the pastor in the administration of the parish.  Members are appointed by the pastor.

Parish Pastoral Council - Kim Carlson, David Ireland, Sharon Juliar, David Kruse, Jim Grabowska,  Tom Rother.

The Parish Pastoral Council is a collaborative body of the Christian faithful whose purpose is the promotion of the mission of Jesus Christ and his Church.  Members are elected by parishioners.