All Saints Liturgical Roles and Schedules

We are grateful to those who serve our parish through the sharing of their time and talents!  Our lectors, altar servers, Eucharistic ministers and ushers help us throughout the year.  If you would like to volunteer to serve, please fill out the form below and send it back to us and we will make sure to get you on the list and to provide the training for you so that you are comfortable stepping into these new roles.  And once again, we thank everyone who is already volunteering!!

The most current All Saints Liturgical schedules are listed below.

Click here for April Liturgical Schedule

 Click here for May Liturgical Schedule

 Click here for June Liturgical Schedule


Liturgical Ministry Volunteer Form

We are grateful to everyone who helps in providing a welcoming spirit to all who attend our Masses. If you can help us out by volunteering to participate in a Liturgical role, we would appreciate it very much. Please indicate where you would be willing to help out and click the submit button and we will contact you. Thanks again. We are always in need of more volunteers!

I would be willing to volunteer to help my parish with the following -