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Our mission is to invite all to strengthen their experience of the message and Spirit of Jesus and in partnership with the family, to create a Christ-centered learning environment which integrates our Catholic faith and supports the uniqueness of each person.

A Message from Father Schneider

FatherOn behalf of our parish families, welcome to our website!  Whether you are a visitor, new to the area or a parishioner, we hope you find the information helpful and inviting.  May you be blessed on your faith journey to sainthood.  If we can be of any help, please contact us.  And please come worship with us at Immaculate Conception Parish in St. Clair and All Saints Parish in Madison Lake, Minnesota!

- Father Robert Schneider

Mass Times

All Saints - Madison Lake
Fridays: 8:00am
Saturdays: 5:00pm - May thru October
Sundays: 10:00am
Confessions: Saturdays at 11:00am

Immaculate Conception - St. Clair
Fridays: 9:00am
Saturdays: 4:00pm - November thru April
Sundays: 8:30am
Confessions: Sundays at 8:00am

Vatican Radio

Bishop: ‘Communion should lead to commitment’

“Communion should lead us to commitment, so that what we have learned may find beneficial fruits” said the National director of Caritas Philippines on Friday launching its 24 “Change Projects” of personal and community transformation at the Astoria Plaza. 

CBCP National Secretariat for Social Action (NASSA)/Caritas Philippines national director Archbishop Rolando Tria Tirona, in his video message during the launching of the program said, “Communion should lead us to commitment, so that what we have learned may find beneficial fruits …And we can only do so when we commit our time our talent … to what is noble, what is good, what is true as demanded by the Gospel,”

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Philippine bishop “stop the killings; start the healing!”

(Vatican Radio) A Catholic bishop in Philippines denounced the justification of killings of suspected criminals and said that he was witnessing a worse kind of death, the death of conscience.   

Bishop Pablo Virgilio David of Kalookan, on Thursday during his homily at Mass at the San Agustin Church in Intramuros for the victims of drug-related killings and to mark the 45th anniversary of the declaration of Martial Law, lamented that conscience is no longer seen as a consideration in societal matters.  “By repeating arguments of justification over and over again, they begin to sound right, they begin to resemble a Gospel truth. They become part of the culture; they become the new normal,” he said. “When I hear comments like these, I get stunned” he added.

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(Vatican Radio) International Day of Peace observed around the world on 21 September focuses this year on engaging and mobilizing people throughout the world to show support for refugees and migrants.

Fr. Cedric Prakash sj, a human rights activist from India and now working for JRS Lebanon  reflecting on the theme of the current year “Together for Peace: Respect, Safety and Dignity for All”  says that the theme  is based on the TOGETHER global campaign that promotes respect, safety and dignity for everyone forced to flee their homes in search of a better life. TOGETHER brings together the organizations of the United Nations System, the 193 member countries of the United Nations, the private sector, civil society, academic institutions and individual citizens in a global partnership in support of diversity, non-discrimination and acceptance of refugees and migrants.

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Readings for the Week of September 17, 2017

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Getting Ready for Faith Formation

Our Faith Formation Directors are busy planning Fall Classes.  We ask that you consider volunteering to teach the Catholic Faith to our young people. If you would consider it, please contact Cheryl at Immaculate Conception Parish (icoffice@hickorytech.net) or Colleen at All Saints (colleenterrell@hotmail.com) or call your parish office.  Thank you!

Spaghetti Supper

The staff of All Saints Academy will be hosting a free will offering spaghetti supper on Saturday, September 30th from 5:30 to 7 p.m.   Proceeds will go towards a family fun night at the Children's Museum of Southern Minnesota in Mankato for our faith formation and academy families.  Join us for some fun and great food!


  • Sun, Sep 17th

  • Sun, Sep 10th
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Busted Halo

Father Dave Responds to Father James Martin Backlash

Father Dave responds to the most recent criticism and smear campaign that Fr. James Martin, SJ, has faced in response to his latest book "Building a Bridge: How the Catholic Church and the LGBT Community Can Enter into a Relationship of Respect, Compassion, and Sensitivity.” Most recently, a few notable Catholic institutions rescinded invitations for Fr. Martin address them in person. Father Dave defends Fr. Martin’s work and approach, adding that the Church needs to engage in challenging conversations with charity and respect. (Original Air 09-20-17)

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What Is The "Word"

During Mass, we say the phrase "But only say the word and my soul shall be healed," before we receive Communion. A caller wonders what "the word" actually is. Father Dave explains the meaning behind this phrase. (Original Air 08-24-17)

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Is Pope Francis Changing the Mass Translations?

Have you heard that Pope Francis is changing the Mass translation? Father Dave explains the recent news of Pope Francis' "Motu Proprio" and why it may or may not affect you. (Original Air 09-14-17)

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